Our Vision

The vision of the Adi Family Office is to improve our collective quality of life. We believe that we are at critical point in history where technology is intersecting with medicine. The investments in this intersection made today, will affect us for generations to come. 


We want to invest at that intersection and give scientists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to usher in a new wave of innovation. The technologies being developed today will allow us to not only live longer but live with quality. The AFO hopes to be one of the catalyst to allow this tech innovation to occur.

  • Invest in several asset classes that will return above average returns

  • Improve our quality of life by investing in disruptive technologies in sectors that impact us, such as the medical space.

  • As technology advances in the field of medicine, we will be able to live longer but ensuring quality of life is key

  • AFO wants to invest the initial capital to the visionaries who will make this happen enabling the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs.

Our Goals

For more information about the Adi Family Office or to contact us directly please submit your name, email address and note. As a family office, we are always looking to partner with other organizations and individuals to achieve our vision and grow. 

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