Our Team
Principal / Founder
Adil Adi

Adi finds tremendous value in sharing his entrepreneurial expertise directly with his peers. He feels it is essential to give back to the entrepreneurial community by providing guidance and funding, which acts as a catalyst for success. His latest innovations have taken root in the area of the Family Office, where he is blending life science investments in an unprecedented way. By using technology, with life science, to improve quality of life. He will continued to invest in promising technologies & entrepreneurs, especially in the ML/AI and Life Science space. A testimony of this is his several sponsorships of incubator-type organizations to help the budding engineer grow into the next generation of entrepreneur.

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Senior Associate
Daniel Kleinmann

Daniel has been managing the Venture Investments for the Adi Family Office since 2018. He has been tasked with leading investments in early stage opportunities in the space of Deep Tech, Life Science /  Healthcare and Data Analytics. In addition, he supports the family with investments in other alternative asset classes and works alongside Adil on unique projects. Prior to this, Daniel worked for startups in the Fintech & Cyber Security space in Israel. He received in Honors in BA at the Ivey School of Business (Western University) and a joint MBA from Tel Aviv University and New York University focused on Entrepreneurship and Finance. 


For more information about the Adi Family Office or to contact us directly please submit your name, email address and note. As a family office, we are always looking to partner with other organizations and individuals to achieve our vision and grow. 

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