Our Portfolio


The AFO owns and operates business hotels in the DFW area which are managed by a major hotel operator.


AFO has a sizable, well-diversied portfolio of equities in the both the domestic and foreign markets spanning across several equity groups.

Real Estate

AFO invests in several real estate asset classes in the US, both directly and indirectly. This includes multi-family, residential, commercial and rural.

Oil & Gas

The AFO has invested in some Oil & Gas deals in previous years but now does so indirectly. 

Private Equity

AFO has invested in multiple private groups spanning across several sectors. These groups are located in major hubs in the US (West Coast, Texas & Northeast)


The AFO reserves capital for opportunities that do not fit in any of these asset classes. 

Venture Capital

AFO has invested both directly and indirectly in this asset class. We have made over eight direct investments in recent years. This asset class has become the primary focus and we have begun investing directly in early stage disruptive technology startups. These activities are supported by a group of associates, due diligence experts and venture partners worldwide.





For more information about the Adi Family Office or to contact us directly please submit your name, email address and note. As a family office, we are always looking to partner with other organizations and individuals to achieve our vision and grow. 

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